Lakewood, NJ – February 8, 2019 – SS White kicks off a year-long birthday celebration at this year’s Chicago Midwinter meeting. The company is celebrating its 175th anniversary by giving back to the dental profession, the industry, and the community-at-large. Throughout 2019, SS White is giving $17,500 in grants and products to at least 10 recipients. Information on how charitable organizations can qualify for one of the SS White grants is available at As the maker of the Great White burs, the company is also giving away a trip for two to go cage diving with sharks. Dentists can register to win the trip during the Chicago Midwinter meeting at SS White’s exhibit booth number 2916. Founded in 1844 by a dentist named Samuel Stockton White, SS White Dental is the oldest dental instrument manufacturer in the world, with a long list of “dental industry firsts” to its credit. The company began as a porcelain teeth manufacturer in Philadelphia, PA, but quickly produced new innovations based on the growing needs of the dental profession. In 1871, the company introduced the first adjustable dental chair, and in 1872 sold the first electric-powered drill. Samuel S. White’s sharing of education among clinicians served as the seeds of the early dental schools and the first dental journal called COSMOS, now known as the Journal of the American Dental Association. Today SS White is a family owned company that uses the acronym C.O.R.E to ensure it remains focused on its mission. “C.O.R.E. represents the continuation of our founder’s guiding principles to improve dentistry through better patient outcomes and improved dental practices,” SS White CEO, Tom Gallop said in a statement. The letter C stands for Conservation of healthy tooth structure; the O is for Organization; the R is for Referrals, which in turn means practice growth; and finally the E stands for Efficiency. In terms of Conservation, the company has worked with clinicians to develop numerous products that help conserve healthy tooth structure, such as the Fissurotomy bur and the SmartBur II. In endodontics, the EndoGuide Burs and V-Taper2 files help achieve access to the pulp and obturate the canal without over preparation. To help dental practices with better Organization, SS White is piloting a human resources (HR) consulting service to help dental practices be better organized and legally compliant in their employment documentation and training. In addition to conserving healthy tooth structure, the Fissurotomy and SmartBur II can also be used without anesthesia, increasing patient satisfaction and resulting in more patient Referrals. Lastly, the company’s well known Great White burs and Jazz one-step polishers help dentists be more Efficient by saving tooth preparation time and enables them to use fewer instruments per procedure. Living by these C.O.R.E. principles ensures that SS White continues to be a true partner to dental clinicians and a positive contributor to dentistry as a whole. “I’m proud of SS White’s legacy of significant contributions to the dental profession over the past 175 years,” stated Gallop. “As we look to the future, SS white will continue to focus on helping endodontists and GP’s do better and more minimally invasive restorations and endodontic procedures, making minimally invasive the new norm by creating better outcomes and saving teeth.” Download Full Press Release (.pdf)