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Preserving the dentition is your chosen profession. Providing you with the instruments to conserve healthy tooth structure is our commitment to you.

Advances in technology have led to the evolution of less invasive endodontic treatment procedures for the betterment of patient care. We embrace the discoveries that have led us to innovative product development by collaborating with forward-thinking clinicians, educators and members of the endodontic community.

Our endodontic product line is designed to help you efficiently address treatment challenges and conserve what is healthy to ultimately create better patient outcomes and practice growth.

EndoGuide® Burs are an excellent example of instruments uniquely engineered to increase your visibility during canal access, minimize intrusion on healthy dentin and ultimately retain the inherent strength of natural tooth structure to provide a stronger foundation for restoration.

The introduction in 2012 of the V-Taper™2 NiTi Rotary File System, V-Clean™ Agitator Brush, and V-Fill™ Obturation System further improves treatment efficiencies with conservative techniques to increase availability of healthy dentin for restorative procedures, leading to longer lasting endodontic treatment success. The introduction of V-Taper™2H heat-treated NiTi Rotary File System addressed the need for greater file flexibility while retaining strength and providing a safer, less tedious procedural experience.

You are invited to explore our endodontic product line. Whether your professional practice is general dentistry or an endodontic specialty with emphasis on conservative procedures, we are committed to offering you the highest quality instrument choices…for Simply Better Dentistry.

92% of general dentists surveyed preferred clinical conservation of tooth structure following endodontic treatment, to provide a more supportive foundation for longer-life restorations.