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5 Steps to Complete Rotary Instrument Organization

You know from experience that a smooth chairside workflow reduces operator and assistant stress, creates a more comfortable experience for the patient and increases the patient’s confidence in the dental healthcare team. An organized workflow is essential to completing dental procedures efficiently and in a timely manner. Chairside organization begins outside the treatment room and relies on having essential instruments on-hand when needed.

Here are five steps to help you reduce the expense of duplicate inventory and eliminate the stress of inventory shortfalls that are often discovered just before a procedure. This process allows you and your staff alignment with your preferred instruments, controls inventory costs and creates a smooth workflow for you and your patients. We’re here with resources to support your efforts.

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1. Call time out for a ‘Rotary Review’ with your chairside team

Assess and document your standard set-ups of rotary instruments typically used for each type of procedure.

2. Get color-coded procedural bur blocks

Assign a specific colored bur block to each type of procedure. Take advantage of procedural solution kits to customize favorite instruments in one place.

"Chairside efficiency is greatly maximized by using the SS White Universal Bur Blocks. I can customize my rotary instruments by procedure, insuring I always have the proper selection at my disposal.” - Dr. Howard Glazer

3. Confirm Sterilization and Disposal Protocol

Comply with, review and document an effective, best practice for sterilization of multi-use rotary instruments and disposal of single-patient use instruments.

The use of bur blocks:

  • minimizes damage to instruments
  • reduces the likelihood of injury from sharp instruments

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4. Set-up and Label your Restocking Cabinet

Use labels to identify pre-set inventory levels and re-order points.

More Support: Contact SS White at 800-535-2877 to order cabinet(s) or to receive additional restocking cabinet drawer labels,or schedule an in-office installation of a new cabinet.

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5. Cross-train staff and work with dealer to implement

Use your customized ‘Rotary Review’ template to cross-train your team. Plus, knowing your inventory needs makes it easy to work with your SS White dealer to obtain attractive pricing and save time when re-order points are clear.

More Support: Contact your SS White representative for an in office workshop and staff training on which instruments are used for specific procedures.

Organizational cabinets and color-coded instrument blocks to help you start and stay organized.

Rotary instrument organizational cabinet

Easy-to-view compartments for your SS White rotary instruments. Product images and color-coded tabs with your dealer’s barcode. Easy to identify and order the correct instrument.

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Procedural Solutions Kits

Color coded by procedure to insure proper procedure / inventory control. Customizable to contain your favorite instruments for preparation, finishing and polishing.

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Bur Blocks

SS White® Universal Bur Blocks are autoclavable. Can be used with diamonds, carbides and polishers. Choice of six colors to create ideal procedural organization.

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Additional Links to Resources for Sharps Safety in Dental Care Settings and Sterilization and Disinfection of Patient Care Items:

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