Comfortable Cavity Prep™ Kit

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The SS White® Comfortable Cavity Preparation Kit features patented1 Fissurotomy®Burs and SmartBurs® II rotary instruments exclusively designed to provide a less invasive and more comfortable caries preparation experience for patients when compared to use of conventional carbide burs.

The SS White® Comfortable Cavity Preparation Kit also supplies task specific SS White® rotary instruments to optimize your clinical efficiency for ‘start to finish’:

--Diagnosis of hidden pit and fissure caries

--Composite restoration trimming/finishing/polishing

--Enameloplasty if needed prior to sealant placement and finishing


Tested by Professionals
Fissurotomy is a pain-free way to explore and restore in 3-5 minutes. In this era of minimally invasive, conservative dentistry, Fissurotomy is the most ideal instrument for removal of incipient decay and creating an ideal preparation for restoration with a composite resin.  Fissurotomy allows clinicians to build their practice through patient referrals.  
-Dr. Howard Glazer


Pack Size: 1 Each
Anterior Composite: Yes
Posterior Composite: Yes
Dental Office Laboratory: Yes
Caries Removal : Yes
Multi-Use : Yes
General Dentistry : Yes

Comfortable Cavity Prep™ Kit