Proven Practice Growth


According to a recent ADA Survey of Dental Practices, 27% of general dentists say they are ‘not busy enough.’ Industry practice management articles recommend a healthy practice should be seeing an average of 25 new patients per month/per doctor, to counter patient attrition.

Whether your professional practice is general dentistry or an endodontic specialty with emphasis on conservative procedures, SS White’s Practice Growth Programs can help you provide additional patient treatments and add referrals to your practice.

Practice Growth Program for General Dentists

With the increasing emphasis on patient comfort and minimally invasive treatment procedures patients are more aware of choices. And when they have a comfortable dental experience they are likely to tell friends, family or co-workers and recommend your services.

To help you meet your patients’ expectations for a comfortable experience during caries removal, SS White offers a Comfortable Cavity Prep™, including Fissurotomy® and SmartBurs®II, two uniquely designed caries access and removal instruments often used without need of local anesthesia.

A clinical study conducted at NYU College of Dentistry showed that 84% of patients preferred use of a SmartBurs®II instrument without the anesthesia!

Watch this video from Dr. Robert Lowe discussing how he has grown his practice through referrals using this patient friendly technique.

Schedule an in-office meeting to learn more about SS White’s Comfortable Cavity Prep™ instruments and Practice Growth Program.

Patients seek choices.

How have general dentists used Comfortable Cavity Preparation to boost practice growth?

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Comfortable Cavity Prep™ instruments are ideally suited for Class I, Class II and Class V caries.

Fissurotomy - Caries Access

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SmartBurs II – Caries Removal

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Comfortable Cavity Prep™ Solutions Kit

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Endodontic Practice Growth Program

92% of general dentists surveyed preferred conservation of tooth structure following endodontic treatment to provide more support for longer-life restorations. What if you could deliver a better product to your GPs? Imagine if you become known among your referring dentists for making their restorative prep work easier when you consistently preserve dentin with conservative endo access…giving the GP better restorative options, and sending a happier patient back to the GP.

Schedule an in-office meeting to learn more about SS White’s Endodontic Practice Growth Program and how we’ve helped other endodontists gain more patient referrals from existing and new GPs in their area and significantly grown their practice.

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