Smart Burs II Instruments

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What Makes SmartBursII® So Smart?

SmartBursII® instruments are constructed of medical grade, glass-bead reinforced polymer. A self-limiting instrument, SmartBursII® will remove soft carious dentin and will not cut harder, healthier tissues (enamel, healthy dentin) or amalgam or composite.

SmartBursII® polymer blades are engineered to deform when they encounter harder, healthy dentin thereby enabling removal of carious dentin without harm to healthy or affected zones of dentin. Thus, dentin hardness provides a scientifically based endpoint for caries removal, not necessarily caries staining. Cariologists have repeatedly proven that your explorer in dentin is the best method to verify caries removal.

SmartBursII® instruments:

  • Offer a conservative, minimally invasive treatment option to patients
  • Maximize patient comfort during and after treatment
  • Increase patient satisfaction with treatment outcomes
  • Facilitate treatment outcomes to foster referrals

The Intelligent Bur: That You and Your Patients Can Appreciate

Use of SmartBursII® Instruments effectively remove caries and conserve healthy dentin, without trauma to healthy dentinal tubules so the pain response is not triggered, making caries removal more comfortable for your patient. SmartBursII® instruments are especially useful for caries removal in 3 clinical situations.

1. Risk of Pulp Exposure

Conventional rotary cutting instruments remove all tooth structure in their path increasing the risk of pulp exposure in deep lesions. Conventional rotary cutting instruments can ‘over-reach’ the removal of healthy tooth structure and can potentially lead to more extensive restorative procedures than originally intended.

2. Risk of Post-Operative Sensitivity

The uneven topography of carious lesions can leave healthy dentinal tubules in harms way of conventional rotary cutting instruments; open dentinal tubules may contribute to post-operative sensitivity that can last for several hours or days.

3. The Patient Who Does Not Tolerate Local Anesthesia

Some patients refuse, or cannot medically tolerate, use of local anesthesia and caries removal is painful. For these reasons patients may delay or avoid caries treatment.

Introduce use of SmartBursII® into your caries removal protocol. Your patients will appreciate your concern for their comfort and your knowledge of technology that conserves their healthy tooth structure.

What patients had to say about their SmartBurs® II experience:

"Surprised. I really did not feel any pain." – Tim, 23

"Biggest plus – I don’t have to go back to work numb." – Nora, 55

"I am diabetic so I need to eat; this is so much better than before with the shot and numbness." – Abdul, 47

How does SmartBursII® fit into my caries treatment protocol?

SmartBursII® instruments require no special equipment beyond what is normally found in dental practice and easily become part of caries treatment procedures.

Caries Treatment Protocol When Using SmartBursII® Instruments

SS White SmartBursII® Instruments are purposefully designed to remove only decayed tooth structure after you have created direct access using another instrument.

  1. Create direct access to decay using appropriate carbide burs; then switch to an SS White SmartBursII® Instrument to excavate carious dentin. (Depending on the Class of cavity presented, enamel access can be made using SS White Fissurotomy® burs, air abrasion systems, or other carbide bur shapes appropriate to the location and shape of the carious lesion.
  2. Use SS White SmartBursII® Instrument with your slow-speed handpiece at 5,000 to 10,000 RPM to remove decayed dentin.
  3. Begin decay removal with a circular, light brush stroke. Start in the center and top of the carious lesion, working your way to the periphery. Return to the center and proceed down into the decay after top layers are removed, taking care to reduce contact with the axial walls.
  4. You will tactilely sense a vibration when the SS White SmartBursII® Instrument contacts healthy dentin as the instrument is unable to cut healthy tissue.
  5. After repeated contact with healthy tissue, the polymer edges of the SS White SmartBursII® Instrument will roll and become deformed. You will feel tactile smoothness when the instrument is spent.
  6. Verify caries removal with an explorer and/or caries dye*. If needed, use a fresh SS White SmartBursII® Instrument to remove any remaining decay and verify caries removal again. *Stain may be healthy tissue.
  7. When decay is completely removed, fill the cavity with a restorative of your choice. Dispose of the used SS White SmartBursII® Instrument.